Refund Policy


The user may request to deactivate their account at any point of time and ask for a refund. The refund shall be made as per the calculation made below.

All cancellation requests must be submitted to Website through The request for cancellation will not be considered valid unless and until the user receives a confirmation from Website through an email. The confirmation email the Website will act as a proof of the cancellation of service. Cancellation request will be processed within 3-7 working days from the date of confirmation of cancellation request and the amount shall be credited back to the user's account through NEFT.


When a user opts for cancellation the amount to be refunded if any will be calculated on pro-rata basis and a cancellation fee will be levied which will be equal to the GST if any paid plus a one time cancellation charge of INR 100.

For example: If a user had bought 100,000 SMS @ 20 paise and cancelled the service after utilization of 50,000 SMS then the refund amount will be calculated as follows:

SMS Cost [50,000 Remaing SMS x 20 Paise]10,000 INR
Less: GST [18%]1,575 INR
Less: Cancellation fee500 INR
Final Refund Amount7,925 INR